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Archive of posts published in the category: What is Coding?

“Good” and “Bad” Reasons to Teach Code

Has the movement to teach coding in elementary schools lost focus? Often, teachers are distracted by many voices sharing views on the subject. Teachers may ask about tools or statistics instead of methodology. In my view, misconceptions will lead to coding becoming a…

Why Edgorithm?

I can recall taking computer programming as a student. While I enjoyed the experience, it was challenging for me as a 15 year old to recall and apply the many rules of syntax. Since 2005, so many tools and online resources have become…

Now That’s How You Make Toast! Using Computer Algorithms

This article was originally posted December 19, 2013 here. Yesterday I discussed with my class the basics of Procedural Writing. My grade 8 students have been writing procedures for close to ten years now and I wanted to introduce a little Computer Science.…

5 Myths about Coding

By: Enzo Ciardelli Having integrated coding into my math classes, many teachers have asked me how to get started.  I am happy to help.  In talking to many teachers and parents, it seems there is considerable misunderstanding of how coding really fits the…