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Coding is part of computer science, find out some neat discoveries on Computer Science in the classroom.

Technology Creation v. Technology Consumption

By Enzo Ciardelli Do teachers push technology creation in their classrooms?  In talking to Brian Aspinall, we often share stories about how coding and CS are viewed as just another means of using technology in the classroom.  We view it as much more than…

What is Computational Thinking?

This post was first published at By Brian Aspinall   I am growing a little tired of the coding narrative. Suggesting everyone should code seems quite trivial without any fundamental research as to why we should all be doing that and leaves me…

Why Edgorithm?

I can recall taking computer programming as a student. While I enjoyed the experience, it was challenging for me as a 15 year old to recall and apply the many rules of syntax. Since 2005, so many tools and online resources have become…