I can recall taking computer programming as a student. While I enjoyed the experience, it was challenging for me as a 15 year old to recall and apply the many rules of syntax. Since 2005, so many tools and online resources have become available to teach coding to even the youngest of learners. Computer Science (CS) has become an area of interest in education. At its core, computer programming is challenging, inspires true collaboration, and redefines the ‘grit’ of any new learner.

Over the last few years, there has been an annual push to incorporate CS within classrooms through the Hour of Code (HoC). While well-intentioned, the very name implies that one hour of coding is enough in a school year.  We began to question what the next steps for teachers could be.

Enter Edgorithm. Brian, Kassandra and myself laboured over the name. We wanted a name that captures our love of computer science and our passion for education. Edgorithm is the integration of coding algorithms into education.  The design of our logo links “code” to symbols associated with the curriculum (i.e. math symbols and an LED light).


We want to provide teachers with the tools and ideas to integrate coding and CS into their programs.  We realize that this integration can be challenging.  What choice do we have?  There are so many benefits to this integration that avoiding it has become difficult.

  • Coding has been identified as a needed sector in the job market
  • Coding and computer science is a beautiful integration and application of math
  • Coding and computer science focuses on technology creation instead of technology consumption
  • Coding and computer science is highly motivational to our students

Edgorithm is an active support tool.  While we have posted many ideas, we encourage you to contact us for the support that you need.  In closing, please read my post with the edutopia which highlights the “leap of faith” required to learn computer science alongside your students.  I wish you much coding success!

Enzo Ciardelli
Edgorithm Co-founder